Walk This Way

Nov 10, 2019    Erik Raymond

Outline: 4 daily priorities for a Christian
1. Don’t live like a Pagan (4:17–21)
A. Because it’s based upon the old way of life, the old order (17)
B. Because it’s a life characterized by alienation (18-19)
C. Because it contradicts the gospel (20-21)
2. Put off and Put On (4:22–24)
A. Because they belong to the old you.
B. Because it's corrupted through deceitful desires.
3. Press the gospel into every day (4:25–32)
A. “Therefore” instructs us in the practicality and urgency of applying the gospel.
B. There are five examples of where how we must apply the gospel in the everyday, nitty-gritty of life.
4. Remember and Reflect Jesus (5:1–2)
A. We are to imitate our Heavenly Father, as beloved children
B. We do this by reflecting Jesus
C. We do this by remembering the gospel