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Matthew 28:19


We're a church of diverse people from all over the world.  What unites us is the truth of the gospel—the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. We desire to reflect God’s heart by growing in our knowledge of him and our love for others.  To that end, we’d love to be of help to you.

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The Only Gospel That Saves

August 14th, 2022 • Wes Pastor • Galatians 2:1–21

Sermon Theme: Though Satan continually assaults the gospel of Christ in order to cause us to doubt or even reject it, justification by faith alone remains the only thing that saves sinners.

I. Gospel Certified (Gal. 2:1-10)
    A. Circumcision Not Compelled by Jewish Pillars (2:1-5)
    B. Affirmation Given by Jewish Pillars (2:5-10)
II. Gospel Clarified (Gal. 2:11-21)
    A. Context for Gospel Clarification (2:11-14)
        1. Gospel Confusion: What must we do to be saved?
        2. Peter’s Condemnation (2:11-12)
        3. Jewish Believers’ Hypocrisy
            a. Hypocrisy Widespread  (2:13)
            b. Hypocrisy Confronted (2:14)
    B. Specifics of Gospel Clarification (2:15-21)
        1. How have Jews approached salvation or justification? (2:15-16)
        2. But doesn’t justification by faith alone promote disobedience to the righteous Law, thus reducing believing Jews to Gentile sinners and Christ to a promoter of sin? (2:17-18)
        3. Then how does justification by faith alone apart from the works of the Law promote obedience to the Law? (2:19-21)

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